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Salty Rooster

A Case Study >
Our Work >

Salty Rooster

A Case Study >

A digital transformation that sparks growth and sales

A much loved, highly successful burger shop in the Sydney Northern Beaches, Salty Rooster was looking to step up in a competitive market. RetailMotion was engaged to help this business transform as their loyal customer following continued to grow.

Explore the digital transformation of Salty Rooster

Digital Signage services in use

An icon displaying two overlapping chat boxes representing the consulting sub-service of digital signage


An icon displaying a “king” chess piece representing the strategy sub-service of digital signage


An icon displaying a group of 3D cubes in the shape of an “L” and an individual cube moving into the vacant position to form a 2x2 larger 3D cube representing the system design sub-service of digital signage

System Design

An icon displaying a digital display with a play button and a directional chart representing the equipment procurement sub-service of digital signage

Equipment Procurement

An icon displaying a laser distance measuring tool representing the install, integrate and commission sub-service of digital signage

Install, Integrate, Commission

An icon displaying a laptop representing the content management system sub-service of digital signage

Content Management System Software

An icon displaying a lightbulb, ink well pen and a ruler representing the creative services sub-service of digital signage

Creative Services

An icon displaying a calendar and a clock representing the media planning and scheduling sub-service of digital signage

Media Planning & Scheduling

An icon displaying a headset and a chat box representing the technical and customer sub-service of digital signage

Technical & Customer Support

An icon displaying a spanner tool and a screwdriver tool representing the maintenance sub-service of digital signage


An image of a section of the Salty Rooster digital menu board, this section particularly focuses on the “Combos & Other Stuff” section and “Salads, Drinks & Desserts”. Visually this section shows wraps, burgers, chips, salads and chips in different combinations.

Feeding more customers faster

With long queue times during lunch on weekends, difficult to read, complicated printed menu boards, and high demand for great tasting burgers and chips, Salty Rooster needed RetailMotion to reimagine the way their menu boards were displayed.

Our approach

Our solution was to replace the old static printed menu boards with digital menu boards to reduce queue times, increase the average transaction value, improve customer experience, and brand strength. We installed, integrated and commissioned four 65″ digital menu screens supported by a custom fabricated frame structure with a content management system, complete menu board creative, media planning and scheduling and ongoing technical and customer support.

Transitioning from traditional printed menu boards to digital menu boards allowed Salty Rooster to embrace a new look and feel in line with its iconic Manly beachside location. We were able to overcome the challenge of simplifying a large menu across multiple categories to create a more seamless customer experience, whilst ensuring all of the support structures were designed and built to hold the new large screens.

An image of a section of the Salty Rooster digital menu board, this section particularly focuses on the “Salty Rooster Favourites”, which includes the following burgers: Mexican Rooster, Hawaiian Rooster, Turkish Rooster and a Chicken Wrap.


Increase In Sales


Average Transaction Value Growth

Let the numbers do the talking

Salty Rooster has experienced a 5% increase in sales and average transaction value grew by 12% in the first 3 months as a result of their new digital signage solution. The new queue busting menu has also dramatically reduced waiting times, which has been a significant benefit during COVID 19 in helping social distancing. There was also lots of positive feedback from the client and customers, commenting on how great the menu looks and how easy it now is to navigate.

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