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Our Work >

The North Face

A Case Study >
Our Work >

The North Face

A Case Study >

Digital signage: the strong advantage in the competitive retail market

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, The North Face is a leading global brand for outdoor high-performance clothing and equipment. Together we created a superb digital experience to delight and engage customers in-store.

Explore the digital transformation of
The North Face

Digital Signage services in use

An icon displaying two overlapping chat boxes representing the consulting sub-service of digital signage


An icon displaying a “king” chess piece representing the strategy sub-service of digital signage


An icon displaying a group of 3D cubes in the shape of an “L” and an individual cube moving into the vacant position to form a 2x2 larger 3D cube representing the system design sub-service of digital signage

System Design

An icon displaying a digital display with a play button and a directional chart representing the equipment procurement sub-service of digital signage

Equipment Procurement

An icon displaying a laser distance measuring tool representing the install, integrate and commission sub-service of digital signage

Install, Integrate, Commission

An icon displaying a laptop representing the content management system sub-service of digital signage

Content Management System Software

An icon displaying a lightbulb, ink well pen and a ruler representing the creative services sub-service of digital signage

Creative Services

An icon displaying a calendar and a clock representing the media planning and scheduling sub-service of digital signage

Media Planning & Scheduling

An icon displaying a headset and a chat box representing the technical and customer sub-service of digital signage

Technical & Customer Support

An icon displaying a spanner tool and a screwdriver tool representing the maintenance sub-service of digital signage


Attracting adventurers from everywhere

The North Face is the first choice for many when it comes to premium quality for the outdoors. With an incredible amount of breathtaking footage, they were looking for a local integrator that would take their store into the digital age. Using digital window displays to increase store traffic and in-store digital screens to enhance the customer experience, we can transport the customer’s mindset to the top of the highest mountains in the world.

Our approach

RetailMotion worked with the shopfitter to connect and commission a network of landscape electronic signs ranging from 65″ to 75″ Ultra High Definition (UHD) -4K window and internal attract screens. To make content updates and promotional messaging faster and more impactful, we integrated a content management system platform. Supporting the entire infrastructure is our remote diagnostic and troubleshooting customer support service.

An image of The North Face’s Pitt Streets store front that displays three mannequins with a combination of outer wear, snow gear, hiking gear and on the right hand-side of the stores entrance is a digital signage screen.

The outcome

Working to the RetailMotion mantra of excellence, we were able to deliver a platform that allows The North Face to be proactive and flexible with their marketing campaigns. This provides them with a strong advantage in a highly competitive market.

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