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Woolworths Metro

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Our Work >

Woolworths Metro

A Case Study >

Optimising communication through digital transformation

More than just a mini supermarket, Woolworths Metro is the place to go for freshly prepared meals for people on the move. However, they needed help from RetailMotion to quickly educate consumers and attract new customers. Together, we digitally transformed Woolworths Metro to cement their share in a highly competitive retail market.

Explore the digital transformation of Woolworths Metro

An image of a Woolworths Metro Store Front, indicated by the large Woolworths Metro LED Sign, Woolworths café in the background and a digital signage screen mounted on the wall displaying promotional content.

Supermarket kingpin for food on the go

Woolworths Metro was expanding the footprint of their brand, repositioning themselves as an urban destination for food on the go. They were looking for someone that could help them integrate a digital signage solution across their national network of stores to promote food on the go and attract customers into stores.

Our approach

RetailMotion designed, developed and commissioned a network of High Bright 55″ portrait screens for the Woolworths Metro shop front windows with an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-based content management system. We combined the digital screens with content creation and complete media planning and scheduling to promote different food offers at other times of the day to optimise sales. Our remote diagnostic and troubleshooting customer service provided Woolworths Metro with support 7 days a week through a Virtual Private Network.

The outcome

The challenges we faced included restricted access to stores, with installation occurring mostly outside of trading hours, in the night and on weekends. Despite this, RetailMotion successfully deployed a complete end-to-end digital signage solution for Woolworths Metro.

We worked across multiple states, managing the expectations of many stakeholders to deliver the entire digital signage ecosystem. This new channel of communication had to be optimised, enticing and engaging customers to increase foot traffic and improve sales.

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